The IOBA can help our less fortunate members, to attend the 2017 AGM & Reunion.

The IOBA can help our less fortunate members, so that they are able to attend the 2017 AGM & Reunion: 



Guide on the parameters and criteria to be applied;

Applicant to be decided by the serving IOBA committee.

Maximum Award to be £300. Nominees will be asked to submit an approximate overall costing to justify.

To include; UK Travel expenses / Accommodation / Reunion Dinner & Bar.





The Committee have set the following guidelines;
1) £300 max.
2) Must be a fully paid up member of the IOBA.
3) Not previously been to an AGM under the terms of this proposal.
4) Committee to decide on the IOBA Member to attend (along with a second choice in case the offer is declined).
5) Martyn Hunt 82/85 to coordinate.

The IOBA can help members, but I must stress at this point, your ‘application will be decided by the serving IOBA committee’.

If you would like to take up the offer, please write/email to:

Martyn Hunt 82/85 IOBA Vice Chairman
Less Fortunate Members Representative.

Contact: 3 Ironstone Walk. Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent. ST6 4AA

Mob: 07881741440


 One Award for 2016 was given.

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34th Annual IOBA Reunion Day : 10th June 2017


34th Annual IOBA Reunion Day


This will be held at the Old School again at JSMTC Indefatigable. SATNAV address Llanfairpwll. Anglesey – LL61 6NT

34th Annual IOBA Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner 19:30-23:59.

This will be held at the Carreg Bran Hotel. SATNAV address, Church Lane Llanfairpwll Anglesey – LL61 5YH

As of today’s date registered total guests attending are 0/100.  For the Reunion Dinner, there are 0/100 confirmed attendees sitting down for dinner.

Friday 9th JuneVibrant Shirt Night: In memory of the late ‘Spencer Bell 1958 – IOBA Chairman’ at the Carreg Bran Hotel, all in aid of Prostate Cancer & Wendy’s page.

Saturday 10th June – Reunion Day at JSMTC Indefatigable.

Saturday 10th June  – Annual IOBA Reunion Dinner at the Carreg Bran Hotel.

The IOBA 34th Reunion PayPal web page will be OPENED for Lunch and Dinner bookings March 31st 2017 (PayPal charge will be + £1.50).


Agenda for Reunion Day: Parking at JSMTC is a premium, please ‘lift share’ wherever possible.

The 34th DAY Plan: 10/06/2017

08:00 – 09:00 Meet at Carreg Bran Hotel for initial check-in.

09:00 – 09:30 Down to JSMTC Indefatigable Introduction from IOBA Chairman in the Lecture Hall (Assembly Hall).

09:45 – 11:30 IOBA AGM in the Lecture Hall (Assembly Hall).

11:30 – 15:00 JSMTC Main Building open to tour at leisure.

11:30 – 15:00 Nuffield Sail Centre (Boathouse) OPEN – Lounge facility.

11:30 – 13:30 IOBA Shop OPEN (JSMTC Main Building).

12:00 – 14:00 LUNCH (£15 per person) JSMTC Main Building & CASH BAR open.

15:30 – 16:00 IOBA Members to be off site JSMTC.


The 34th EVENING Plan:

17:00 – 18:00 St Mary’s Church open.

18:30 – 19:30 Meet for Drinks at Carreg Bran Hotel.

20:00 – 23:59 Seated for the 34th Reunion Hot Carvey Dinner (£27 per person) at Carreg Bran Hotel.

Evening Wear: Smart dress code.

Click here for accommodation : Self catering apartments, family run B&B’s, Farmhouse Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Lodges and Chalets, Campsites, Touring Parks and Yurt & Tipi Campsites.

Attendees List for the Indefatigable 34th Reunion: For the Reunion Dinner there are a maximum of 100 place’s in total for the Reunion Dinner  = 0 confirmed attendees for dinner (date), 0 = total attendees over the day, see list of who’s attending below will be posted ‘here';


Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA): Secretary & Archives


Indefatigable Figurehead refurbishment : Final Phase Photo Diary

Indefatigable OBA Members celebrate the restoration of a significant object in Liverpool’s maritime history.

IOBA Members attended the Merseyside Maritime Museum for the special unveiling of the newly restored Indefatigable figurehead on Wednesday 2nd November 2016, 2:30-4:30pm.

The figurehead has been restored by world renowned figurehead conservator Richard Hunter, thanks to a donation of £2,500 to fund the project from the Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA). Janet Dugdale Director Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool said: ‘We are delighted to be able to unveil King Billy and thank the IOBA for their kind generosity’.

Names of those present;
Sir Michael Bibby Bt (M.D. Bibby Line Group): IOBA President.
Andrew Butler (77/78): IOBA Chairman.
Martyn Hunt (82/85): IOBA Vice Chairman & Karen Hunt.
Tom Keyes (63/64) IOBA Treasurer & Membership Secretary.
Malcolm Williams (75/76): IOBA Merchandise & Angie Williams.
John Aspinall (59/60): IOBA Standard Bearer & Val Aspinall.
Marc Hardman (1961): IOBA Standard Bearer.
Ian Parr (74/75) & Deborah Parr: IOBA Members.
Brian & Norma Croxton: IOBA Members.
Steve Humphries (75/76): IOBA General Secretary & Archives.
John Wilson: CEO Liverpool Seafarers Centre.
Richard Hunter: Figurehead Historian & Restorer of King Billy.
Ian Murphy: Deputy Director Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool.
Ben Whittaker: Curator of Maritime History Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool.

See the project yourself at;

Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool. L3 4AQ / Tel: 0151 478 4401

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-1     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-2

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-3     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-4

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-8     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-5

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-13     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-10

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-17     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-18     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-22

king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-25     king-billy-figurehead-unveiling-2016-26


Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA): General Secretary & Archives.

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Indefatigable Figurehead refurbishment : Phase One Photo Diary

Indefatigable Figurehead refurbishment 2014: The condition of King Billy has been one of great concern for many years. Therefore unless we the IOBA intervened it would deteriorate further.  As for ownership of ‘King Billy’, the Merseyside Maritime Museum – Liverpool (MMM) have full rights over ownership as the IOBA gifted King Billy to them in 1998.

Inde Figure Head 1930 aboard Phaeton in the MerseyInde Figure Head 1930 aboard Phaeton in the Mersey.

HRH visit 1964_01HRH visit 1964.

King Billy at Indefat_nIndefatigable Figurehead as most of OBs will remember him.

IOBA Committee handover Kink Billy to MMM 1998IOBA Committee handover King Billy to MMM 1998.

S King Billy until work started September 2016.

Agreed at the 2014 AGM, the IOBA commissioned Richard Hunter, Figurehead Historianto carry out a full report on the condition of King Billy. A full inspection was carried out by Richard on 11th November 2014, with the IOBA in attendance. We received the full written report on 20th November, which concluded urgent restoration was needed to reverse the decline.  So members of the IOBA set the ball rolling for any forthcoming sponsors, including the MMM.  The cost of the report was £160 as agreed at the 2014 AGM.

The report concluded that full restoration would cost £2,500 made up of two payments of 50%. Full details are within the report and is available on request from Steve Humphries (available to fully paid members of the IOBA).

On the 13th May 2015 the ‘Curator of Maritime History and Technology (MMM) reported that the MMM was unable to allocate any funds from the current or next years financial year towards the ’King Billy Figurehead restoration project. The Museum stated that the figurehead was in a stable condition, but obviously in need of work, therefore the decision of the IOBA was whether to wait to see if the museum could allocate funds from future budgets, or whether the IOBA felt the work needed to be undertaken, meaning the full cost being met by IOBA.’

The Museum spent some time looking at grants but alas none fitted this type of object or which the MMM is eligible to apply for.

Indefatigable Figurehead refurbishment 2015: Richard Hunter planned to work on King Billy towards late summer 2015, then the Museum had been instructed that our monies had to go direct via them rather straight to Richard Hunter, and so the money £2.5k was given to the MMM.  All funds we donated to the MMM remained ring-fenced for this project, and the ‘Curator‘ continued to liaise with Richard.

Indefatigable Figurehead refurbishment 2016: Work on the figurehead first phase started on 5th September, and a Photo Diary will be updated here with;

Refurbisment Phase One

IMG_2132  IMG_2134  

DSCF0426  DSCF0407

DSCF0424  DSCF0425



Plaque at the back of the King Billy Figurehead  IMG_2137

We would like to personally thank all those members of the IOBA for the incredible generosity for raising £2.500 needed for the project, and £1,000 from an IOBA member who wishes to remain anonymous.  Our thanks also goes to Richard Hunter, Figurehead Historian and Ben Whittaker – Curator of Maritime History and Technology. 

See the project yourself at;

Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, Liverpool. L3 4AQ  / Tel: 0151 478 4401

Indefatigable Old Boys Association (IOBA): General Secretary & Archives.

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